Commitment Feedback Survey

Measure and Improve Employees’ Commitment to Your Organization’s Goals and Values

Commitment Survey

Organizational Commitment is a measure of employees’ commitment to your organization’s goals and values. Improving Organizational Commitment will reduce voluntary turnover, improve company culture, and bolster employees’ motivation and performance. 

Your survey will measure employees’ Organizational Commitment enabling you to compare scores across your desired groupings and against your industry’s average. In addition, it will uncover which changes will most directly improve employees’ Commitment, empowering your team to replace speculation with certainty so you can take action with confidence.

Benefits & Insights

Survey Customization

Your Project Success Manager will tailor your survey’s branding, content, and functionality to fit your specifications. Additionally, they will take the time to understand your survey objectives to help inform which questions to ask and how best to segment your results.

Simplified Survey Access

Choose from various survey distribution methods, including SMS messages, anonymous links, emails, and QR codes. Employees will be able to access their survey from any device, including their phone, without downloading any app or software. Plus, they can start, stop, and resume their survey at any time leading to higher participation rates.

Your Results Dashboard

Your results will be made available in your customized, secure, and Interactive Results Dashboard. Moreover, your Project Success Manager will take the time to walk you and your team through your results and discuss primary findings and improvement opportunities.

Industry Benchmarking

NWS has robust data set of average Commitment Scores for more than 45 distinct industries, enabling you to compare scores against your industry’s mean and median. Moreover, your dashboard will report the percentage of employees above and below your industry’s average.

Impact Projections

In order to determine which initiatives to focus on, you will need to know how each will impact employees’ Organizational Commitment. That’s why we use regression analyses to determine which changes will most directly and effectively improve employees’ Organizational Commitment.

Free-Response Analytics

Free-response questions will serve as an opportunity for employees to suggest organizational and operational improvements. Reporting will include verbatims and the percentage of employees who mentioned each improvement. Plus, NWS’s certified People Scientists and IO Psychologists will outline recommendations specific to each improvement opportunity.

Pricing Information

What’s Included
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Commitment Feedback Survey developed and supported by IO Psychologists
Commitment Pulse Surveys to track progress on measurable goals (optional)
Dedicated Project Success Manager providing hands-on guidance, experience, and support throughout
Survey Development Workshop to help inform which questions to ask and how best to segment your results
Survey Distribution and Communications Workshop to decide on the best methods to share and discuss your survey
Industry and “Best in Class” Benchmark comparisons and analyses
Live participation tracking with conditional reminder emails to increase participation
Interactive Results Dashboard to ensure easy navigation and utilization of your results and feedback
Results Debrief Presentation with key stakeholders to discuss primary findings and noteworthy trends
Executive Results Summary highlighting key insights, trends, and improvement opportunities
Full suite of survey distribution options including SMS, anonymous links, email, and QR codes
Follow-up meetings to provide ongoing support, guidance, and industry insights
Dashboard Drilldowns: Segment results across desired groupings, such as Departments, Regions, and Tenure
Action Plan Development Workshop informed by your organization’s structure, results, and available resources
Pre-Survey Consultation to identify and prioritize objectives
Results Summaries for specific leaders, positions, and seniority levels (upon request)
A comprehensive Action Plan developed by our IO Psychologists and People Scientists
Resources and research specific to your results and Action Plan priorities
Strategy recommendations to ensure accountability during and after Action Plan implementation
Follow-up presentations and secondary analyses of your results (upon request)

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What Our Clients Say

"Superior insight, superior service, superior partnership. These are the attributes that differentiated my experience with NWS from the dozens of other companies in the HR surveying space. Couple these attributes with a fundamental understanding of how to turn people data into business results, and NWS proves without a doubt why they are the partner of choice to so many People Leaders."
Robert Jackson
+ One Consulting


We're here to assist every step of the way.

Put simply, improving Organizational Commitment will reduce your turnover rate more than improving engagement, job satisfaction, or any other known metric. Learn more

As noted by Harvard Business Review, “Companies spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement, and that’s projected to rise to over $1.5 billion. And yet, employee engagement is at record lows”.

The US can expect annual turnover costs to reach 680 billion dollars by 2020.

Dr. Bruce Buchanan defines Organizational Commitment as “a partisan, affective attachment to the goals and values of an organization, to one’s role in relation to goals and values, and to the organization for its own sake, apart from its purely instrumental worth.”

Our fields of expertise include, but are not limited to, economics, neuroscience, well-being psychology, positive psychology, statistics, to industrial-organizational psychology. Put simply, we’re academics looking to use our research to modernize employee surveying.

We understand how critical it is for employees to trust that their anonymity and privacy are taken extremely seriously, that is why 100% of our employees have completed a number of National Institute of Health’s Research Courses. Additionally, we require all of our team to have a Protecting Human Research Participants Certificate before they conduct any research. Furthermore, in our reports, we only present data in the aggregate and we refuse to provide any individual data to any organization, in order to  protect employees and their identities. Our approach is employee-focused and employee-first!

You and your employees deserve to feel secure, that is why we ensure that all of our researchers sign internal and external NDA’s as well as be CITI certified in the most up to date methods of data privacy and protection.

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