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What Makes Us Unique:

    • We are not a DIY software platform, we are a team of hands-on surveying experts.


    • Open-ended responses are read by researchers, not automated computer software.


    • We customize each client’s surveys, dashboards, and action plans.

What We Do

We enable People Leaders to be the best data-focused strategists, team builders, and culture creators by equipping them with the insights necessary to uncover problems and implement solutions.

At New Wave Solutions, we utilize employee surveys to help our clients measure and improve their employees’ Organizational Commitment.

How It Works

Your survey will measure employees’ Organizational Commitment and enable you to compare scores across your desired groupings and against your industry’s average. It will also determine which changes will most directly improve employees’ Organizational Commitment, empowering you to enact meaningful changes that benefit employees and your organization.

Who We Are

We are a team of dedicated employee surveying experts and IO Psychologists, driven to help People Leaders gather, analyze, and utilize employee feedback.

Unlike DIY people platforms, our team of experts will work hands-on with HR and key stakeholders before, during, and after your survey – providing
customized strategies, surveys, interactive results dashboards, and action plans to bolster your employees’ Organizational Commitment.

Our Network of Partners and Collaborators

We are lucky enough to be partnered with some of the leading IO Psychologists, Research Journals, and Top Universities

Our Story

Our team of researchers first started focusing on employee research while working in Stanford’s Psychophysiology Laboratory on an employee-focused initiative for Deloitte. While working with some of America’s top IO Psychologists, we found substantial evidence supporting Organizational Commitment as a more reliable and predictive survey metric than Employee Engagement.

This research, combined with our desire to help HR Leaders gather and utilize employee feedback, motivated our team of researchers to start New Wave Solutions.

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