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Compared to Employee Engagement, Commitment Better Predicts Improved Retention, Culture, & Performance

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Did You Know...

Employee Engagement was developed the same year as the World Wide Web? While cutting edge when first developed, Employee Engagement is now being challenged by a more modern metric called "Organizational Commitment", which more effectively predicts desired outcomes such as low attrition and reduced withdrawal.

Increasing Organizational Commitment Will Lead To:

Greater Profits

“Gaining employee commitment results in greater profits because enthusiastic employees stay, contribute discretionary effort, and engage customers.”
Harvard Business Review

Lower Attrition

“Employees being committed…[Loyal employees] do not actively search for alternative employment and are not responsive to offers.”
Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

Soaring Performance

“Performance soars when customers are enthused and stay and when executives, managers, and employees are a collaborative team, united in achieving common goals.”
Harvard Business Review

Reduced Withdrawal

“With regard to the consequences of commitment, as expected, we demonstrated that all three forms of organizational commitment correlate negatively with withdrawal cognition.”
Journal of Vocational Behavior

A Survey Built to Uncover Problems
and Diagnose Their Solutions

A Survey Built to Uncover Problems and Diagnose Their Solutions

Our survey is built to do more than measure and benchmark Organizational Commitment, it will also uncover the top drivers of Commitment so you can be confident in the most worthwhile changes. 

Survey Features

We’ve built the most effective survey for measuring and
improving Organizational Commitment

Unlimited Breakdowns

We allow our customers to customize what groups they want their data to be broken out by. This allows management to compare metrics across offices, regions, departments, tenure groups, position levels, or any other groupings of interest.

Industry Average Comparisons

It is not only important to understand how your breakdown groups compare to one another, but it is also critical to know how they compare to your industry’s average… and only we have the databases necessary to make this happen!

Direct to Source Credibility

Too many consulting and survey companies claim to be informed by research, yet for some reason, they rarely make access to that “research” easy, if they make it available at all. At New Wave, we reinforce all claims with hyperlinks to their applicable and credible research sources.

Unlimited 1-on-1 Support

Unlike many consulting firms, we do not hide our support behind any price walls or hidden fees. Instead, each client has their own personal Client Success Manager who will be more than happy to spend as much one on one time as necessary to streamline the survey process and to help you extract the most value from the resulting diagnostics report.

Easier Access, Higher Participation

Our survey software allows employees to access their survey from any smart device. Employees will also be able to start their survey on one device and resume where they left off on another. We are honest in our recognition of employee’ disdain for most surveys, and that’s why we do all we can to make survey access simple and participation worthwhile.

Data Security and Employee Anonymity

100% of our employees have completed a number of National Institute of Health’s Research Courses. Additionally, we require all of our team to have a Protecting Human Research Participants Certificate before they conduct any research. You and your employees deserve to feel secure, that why we mandate this extensive data security training for everyone in our company.

Finally, a Survey Built to Feel Like an Opportunity, Rather than an Obligation!

70% of Workers Say They are
Actively Looking for a New Job!

70% of Workers Say They are Actively Looking for a New Job!

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