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Benefits of High Organizational Commitment

On average, we increase our clients’ Organizational Commitment by 23% during their first 3 surveys.
That improvement leads to the following benefits:


Employee Burnout
by 27%

Voluntary Turnover
by 17%

by 15%

Recruiting & Hiring Costs
by 12%

Performance-Related Issues
by 12%


Psychological Safety
by 21%

Company Culture Satisfaction
by 19%

Employee Net Promoter Score
by 13%

Internal Promotion Rates
by 11%

Customer/Client Satisfaction
by 8%

A Survey Built to Uncover Problems and Diagnose Solutions

This survey will enable you to measure Organizational Commitment and compare scores across your desired groupings and against your industry’s average. Using regressions, we will uncover the most direct path to improve employees’ commitment to your organization’s goals and values.

Hands-on support, tailored action-planning, and interactive results dashboards!

How We're Helping HR Leaders

Recent use cases for our customizable Commitment Feedback Survey

Survey Features

We’ve built the most effective survey for measuring and improving Organizational Commitment

Limitless Drilldowns

We will customize your interactive results dashboard so you can filter results and free-response feedback across your desired groupings, including Tenure, Ethnicity, Department, Seniority, and Location.

Industry Average Comparisons

Enabled by our robust data-set of Organizational Commitment averages for more than 45 industries, you will know how your company’s Organizational Commitment compares to similarly sized companies in your industry.

Data Security and Employee Anonymity

Your employees must trust that their anonymity is protected. That’s why our team is certified in data security and survey anonymity by the National Institute of Health and the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative.

Hand-On Support and Guidance

Instead of DIY survey templates, you will work directly with an experienced project success manager who will guide everything from survey development through to action planning.

Maximize Survey Participation

You will have a full suite of survey distribution options, and employees will be able to start, stop, and resume their survey on their phones without having to download any software or application.

Feedback Reviewed by People not Software

Instead of relying on imperfect artificial intelligence to analyze employees’ written responses, our team of People Scientists read, categorize, and analyze each comment individually.

Finally, a Survey Built to Feel Like an Opportunity, Rather than an Obligation!

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